Following One Direction's performance at Madison Square Garden the boys and their families—Perrie Edwards and Danielle Peazer, apparently back in the picture—attended a private after-party at New York's Hudson Hotel. There was a lot to celebrate, which explains the quick SUV-exits and even quicker entrances, save for Liam and Niall taking the time at least acknowledge the presence hungry paparazzi outside. But 1D pal and MSG opener Ed Sheeran's not in any rush! Nope, he's gonna soak this all in.

If you made it through the flashbulbs and various British accents, you'd notice none other than Taylor Swift entering the venue. Tay might have missed the show, but she arrived right on time for the celebrations, following her appearance at the Kennedy family's Ripple of Hope gala. She didn't stop to answer questions, but we'll take determined stride as a sign she was heading in one direction. Not only did Taylor receive an award from those who used to feed her, welcome her into their home and call her a wedding-crasher, but she also performed "Starlight," thought to be an ode to the family matriarch, Ethel Kennedy. Even though she and Conor have parted ways, there is obviously a clause in their breakup papers that says Tay and Ethel can still have tea together once a month.

But all she needs is a quick outfit change to rid her of all memories of her former flame (no heels?) and the 22-year-old is ready to go. According to E! the 1D crew sang karaoke until 4 a.m., with Taylor and Niall giving a particularly enthusiastic performance of "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys.

The pair—Harry and Taylor, sorry Niall—were later seen entering Taylor's hotel hand-in-hand—yep, their bodies touched. Niall, meanwhile, hit up McDonalds. Two public hangouts in 48 hours? Someone reserve the wedding chapel. As expected, Directioners—and their parents—have many thoughts about this.

We'll see how things develop over the course of the week, and will be sure to keep an eye on Friday's Jingle Ball at MSG. You might not want these two to be dating, but you probably wouldn't mind a live duet between Taylor and 1D, right? After that, it's full-blown holiday time, when many a fledgling relationship tends to be tested.