We are beginning to have less and less understanding over our lives. Taylor Swift, who could be dropping a new single any day now, has teased the second piece of her stir-crazy puzzle. The new photo, with her adorable furry friend Olivia Benson posing in the background, is timestamped with 5:00. This clue follows Monday's (Aug. 4) Instragram clip, featuring 18 on an elevator.

"Cluuuuue number twooooo....." reads her rather-ambiguous tweet.

OK. So, let's overanalyze this one, shall we? Is her single about her cat? Is the single called 'Olivia Benson'? Is it not even about her cat (and that's just a decoy)? Or...maybe that hand-drawn cityscape at the top left corner is what should be grabbing our attention? The words are hard to make out: "To __ beautiful friends, in a beautiful home?"

Well, judging by comments online, here is what we can (probably) surmise so far:

Her new single drops on August 18 at 5 pm.

Swifties, we turn it over to you. What is Swift trying to tell us? Sound off in the comments.


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