Moving away from red dresses and hopeful glances across Parisian streets, Taylor Swift debuted Red track, "I Knew You Were Trouble" at last night's American Music Awards. (No, she's Our Girl, Florida Georgia Line.) More signs that this Introduction to Dubstep will be T-Swizzle's next single: Taylor came to the event straight from shooting the song's video, atop grimy fire escapes in Los Angeles on Sunday. That's a full Day of Rest by anyone's standards—particularly ours, considering we don't part from RedZone for an entire 12 hours—but Swift had a feeling showing up would lead to good things.

See? Some people aren't opposed to having to travel for work—JUST KIDDING, Julieanne and the #Rihanna150; please get home safely. From an early look at Sunday's shoot we're pleased to find Taylor has continued her practice of hiring beloved cultural figures to play her love interests, recruiting Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark star Reeve Carney to wear suspenders and a fedora and not ask questions about whether those pink streaks in her hair are of the semi-permanent or wash-out variety.

With fuzzy woodland creatures and iconic bleachers behind her, Taylor finally appears to be taking on a more age-appropriate premise for her latest clip. Then again, she does turns 23 on December 13. Only 24 days left to dress like hipster.

While Carney's role in Taylor's new video has yet to morph into relationship rumors—there's a 1D heartthrob for that—we'll note that he is the former beau of Ashley Greene. We're not sure the Twilight star fits into Taylor's inner circle considering she also dated Joe Jonas, but, it's not like Taylor keeps track of these things in a notebook or anything.