Here are the facts we know so far about the Amazing Dream Date Between Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez:

1. The date took place at The Woods ski resort in Park City, Utah, just before Christmas.

2. "Experienced skiers" Harry Styles and Taylor Swift went skiing by themselves.

3. Selena Gomez took a skiing lesson.

4. Justin Bieber snowboarded instead.

5. Each couple stayed at a separate guesthouse at the resort.

6. Though some sites reported the Bieber-Gomez date shortly after it occurred, the story got mainstream traction only after Swift and Styles were found to be involved.

From these six points, we can make a variety of inferences:

1. Jelena is back together.

2. Haylor is capable on going on a date that is not a blatantly staged photo-op.

3. There are apparently places in Britain where you can learn to ski.

4. Taylor wears the pants in the Styles-Swift household. (Their first romantic getaway was a double-date with her friends, not his.)

5. Bieber really should be worried about One Direction stealing his throne.

6. The massive squeals of fans across the globe are actually not enough to destroy the world, or else we would all be dead by now.