Taylor Swift's Speak Now tour is either seen as surprising and entertaining or some of the most aggravating performances out there right now, depending on your thoughts about state-specific cover choices, white girls rapping and purple dresses. We've been to to the West Coast and back with T-Swift this summer, and yet there are still so many role models she'd like to pay her respects to/show how much she listened to their music while jamming in her bedroom. And in Atlanta, do as the ATLiens do. Swift brought out Usher—maybe Justin Bieber introduced them?—for another homage to one of America's great cities, introducing the jam with the iconic "Peace up, A-Town down." If you haven't fallen on the floor yet, it gets better. Swift did not shy away from Ursher as he made his way through the song, backing it up and flaunting her most awkward club moves. "You don't really know how fresh Taylor Swift really is," Usher explained to the audience before the two shared duties on Ludacris' rap verse. To borrow from Chris Bridges, it was ri-dic-u-lous. Do you think Usher's two sons managed to get an autograph?

We're hoping the range of guest stars Swift has been able to pull up on stage this summer will somehow reflect the diversity of her next album. "5 O'Clock" has nothing on the Eminem-Usher-Taylor Swift jam that will be filling the clubs come 2012.