Taylor Swift is having a rough year. She began 2013 fresh off a brutal breakup with 1D heartthrob Harry Styles, and someone spread rumors that it didn't work because she's "asexual," a "prude" who just wanted to stay home and talk about antiques (what?). Then, some other mean girl-type source whispered to gossip rags that Tay tried to hook up with Bradley Cooper, and was turned down. Then, there was that whole Tina Fey/Amy Poehler made-up feud. Hell, she's been dissed by Nick Lachey, of all people. From her Twitter handle description—"Happy. Free. Confused. Lonely. At the same time"—to her recent interviews, where she ponders being "single forever" either "paint[ing] in a cottage by the ocean by [her]self" or laying in a marble bathtub with a glass of wine (also alone), it sounds like things are kind of bleak right now.

Image via Taylor Swift/Instagram

Thankfully, she's got a friend to comfort her when she's unhappy. No, we're not talking about Selena. It's Taylor's constant companion, her cat Meredith.

Image via Taylor Swift/Instagram

Meredith came into Taylor's life back in November of 2011. Reportedly named after a Grey's Anatomy character, Meredith has quickly become a fixture on Taylor's Twitter and Instagram feeds and even starred with the artist in a video about the Academy of Country Music Awards. She talks to the cat, she listens to the radio with the cat, she hangs out in bed with the cat. That's right folks, Taylor Swift is single and a self-proclaimed cat lady.

Image via Taylor SwiftInstagram

The cat even accompanies Taylor to shows and on tour. In fact, she was just spotted, Meredith in tow, in Miami for a stop on her Red tour yesterday morning.

Image via Taylor Swift/Facebook

Taylor's cat lady status is just one of the reasons we love, her though. She may be young, and tall, and super-successful and in possession of model-perfect looks, but she's also awkward, honest, wears cardigans and in general has taste that rivals your grandma's. So go ahead, cuddle up to that cat, Taylor—and afterward, feel free to appreciate those antiques you've collected.