It was quite the weekend for Taylor Swift, who was honored by Michelle Obama on Saturday at the Kids' Choice Awards before accepting Entertainer of the Year at the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday—not to mention getting to watch One Direction perform live, which takes your average jealously to a whole new level. Following a 2011 marked by many a golden statue, Swift went one for three in ACM categories last night, saving her one win for the annual show's biggest prize. Perhaps the most shocking aspect of her award sequence was not the straight hair, nor Lionel Richie's presence at a country music event, but the surprising lack of her trademarked surprise face. Say what?! We're doing our own version to make up for its absence. Rather than lifting her dress and jaw off the floor, Swift looked more excited about taking the stage than confused-happy-frozen like she's seemed so many times before. On her way to the podium, she made time for a few hugs in the front row, before launching into an acceptance speech that gave a shout-out to Kevin McGuire, the high school football player she originally invited as her date, who was recently hospitalized due to his ongoing battle with cancer, and praised her fellow nominees.

Could this be a sign that she's caught on to this annoying habit and is caving to those mean Internet bullies, or is it finally time to publicly admit that she's damn good and she knows it? While Swift is always a threat in any award category, this year's Entertainer of the Year victory didn't come without her own campaign work. "Thank you so much to the fans who voted for this, I am so happy about this," she explained. (Speak now, those who question the merits of online voting.) Keep giving back to those who support you, sure, but doesn't Meredith the Kitten get some credit, too?

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