We already basically knew that Taylor Swift's romance with Conor Kennedy was an elaborately stage-managed cosplay routine borne out of her obsession with his family's history. Now a new report confirms it: According to the New York Daily News, Swift has been stanning for Conor's grandmother Ethel Kennedy (widow of Robert Kennedy) for more than a year now.

A brief timeline of Swift's hopefully-not-fatal attraction to America's most famous family:

Late 2011: Swift gushes to the New Yorker, seemingly unprompted, about her fascination with the Kennedys:

When she’s on tour, she watches TV on her computer: “Teen Mom,” “C.S.I.” (on which she has guest-starred), and, recently, History Channel documentaries. “I’m just so obsessed with the whole history of J.F.K. and R.F.K.,” she said. She recently announced that she had completed a nine-hundred-page book called “The Kennedy Women.”

Elsewhere in the profile, Swift makes what must have seemed at the time harmless remark about real estate:

According to reports in the press, Swift recently bought a Colonial-style house in Beverly Hills that would be right at home on Nantucket. (“I just love New England-y things,” she told me.)

 Early 2012: One of the Kennedy Women, Ethel, is honored in a documentary directed by her youngest daughter. When the film premieres at Sundance Ethel walks down the red carpet, accompanied by none other than Taylor Swift, who is listed in the press as an "admirer."

Early summer 2012: Swift reportedly seeks Ethel's approval before dating Conor Kennedy.

August 2012: After Ethel Kennedy tells the press the family would "be so lucky" to have Swift join the clan, Swift takes the hint and runs with it: She buys a house next to the Kennedy compound and then crashes a Kennedy family wedding. After that she spirits Conor away in a private jet, which starts a round of "Will they elope?" rumors, even though Conor Kennedy is 17 years old and thus not a prime candidate to get married right away.

We're just saying: The calculations, in retrospect, seem obvious.