Taylor Swift Isn't Surprised By Your Reaction to Her Surprise Face

"People make so much fun of me for that and I don't know," Taylor Swift told ABC's Cynthia McFadden during her interview with Nightline this week. "It's like, if you win an award isn't that crazy? Like isn't that crazy?" We'd assume so, Tay, but sadly our dreams of cleaning up during senior superlatives never came true. She's speaking, of course, about her "surprise face," the unwavering look of shock and awe that comes out whenever she's on the receiving end of something fabulous. Just because her increasing success hasn't made her much of an underdog over the last calendar year, Swift doesn't see why she should become the subject of parody, nor why she should should suddenly start becoming unfazed by her wonderful life. "I try to be [blase] sometimes but it's just hard when you get excited about stuff."


Once again, it's Taylor Swift's modesty versus Kanye West's insistence that anything other than "perfect" is an offensive way to describe him and his music. The choice is yours. Until we see proof that Taylor has given up this lifestyle and starts showing up to award shows bottle of Hennessy in hand, let's celebrate her many happy, excited, oh-so-surprised faces from the last year.



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But don't overdo it with those facial muscles, Tay. You've got a new album to promote, and an inevitable truck load of awards to accept in the coming months. Watch the full interview below (a staunch defense of the surprised begins around 3:09), which includes her staying politely silent on the subject of her newest songwriting muse.


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