Taylor Swift Just Called Hilary Duff a 'Magical Princess'

Hilary Duff's musical comeback hasn't been the chart-topping success that we were all hoping for (yet!), but the former Disney darling still has one huge fan left -- and it's none other than the world's biggest pop star, Taylor Swift!

In fact, it turns out that Taylor's such a fan of the Lizzie McGuire star that she even copies her favourite makeup and calls her a "magical princess."


Tay Tay expressed her adoration for the Duffster on her Tumblr page, where she was answering a fan's question about what kind of lipstick she uses.

"Dragon Girl by Nars. Another good one is Luxembourg by Nars but it’s glossier. I bought it cause I heard on the radio that Hilary Duff uses it. And Hilary Duff is a magical princess."

It looks like a certain somebody is a fan of the greatest film ever made, A Cinderella Story!

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