Oh, the high-waisted bikini. In theory, all that extra fabric should be flattering. In practice, it's tricky. Despite offering more coverage than a regular string-tie style, a high-waisted suit can draw attention to the stomach and the thighs—precisely the areas that most women want to downplay.

The suit's high risk factor has not stopped it from becoming a fashion trend among young pop stars, and no one is a more obvious or better endorser than Taylor Swift. The singer, who has typically—but not always!—favored a retro-inspired look, owns a few belly button-covering styles. Recently, she sported a red-and-white polka dot version while spending time with her new boyfriend Conor Kennedy at the Kennedy family compound in Cape Cod. The bikini is very similar to one she wore two years ago when relaxing in the Bahamas.

Taylor is an anomaly in that she looks absolutely amazing in these cuts. To see the effect of a high-waisted suit on a relatively normal, non-model-like body, we offer up this shot of Ke$ha trying the trend with a black version from Free People. Let's just say that it's not exactly a great fit for her.

Swifty's red-and-white polka dot number is from ModCloth, one of her avowed favorite online retailers. Taylor loves a high waist off the beach, too; she donned high-rise shorts from Urban Outfitters and from Marc Jacobs while hanging out with Conor and the Kennedy clan. Note that her entire wardrobe for this Cape Cod trip is a patriotic red, white and blue in color scheme. It's like she knew she'd be photographed the entire time.