Look, it's another one of those lists about how famous musicians make more than you, whether you're a worker, a student, a musician yourself or someone whose sole income source is the couch cushions. (A supplemental source for us all.) In 2011, according to Billboard, music's top earner was Taylor Swift, who took in $35,719,902 largely thanks to her Speak Now tour.

A few things about the list, first--it takes U.S. sales, concert grosses and royalties into account, which means the list's dominated by arena rockers plus big-ticket tourers like Celine Dion and Sade; it doesn't include sponsorship deals or merchandise sales. And because it probably bears mention, the list also includes Adele, whose major accomplishment is making the list despite her tour being cut short.

Go over to Billboard to see the full list and details for everyone in the top 40; in the meantime, here's the top 10.

1. Taylor Swift, $35,719,902

2. U2, $32,116,315

3. Kenny Chesney, $29,837,103

4. Lady Gaga, $25,353,039

5. Lil Wayne, $23,178,722

6. Sade, $16,382,809

7. Bon Jovi, $19,813,232

8. Celine Dion, $14,261,515

9. Jason Aldean, $13,409,011

10. Adele, $13,081,909