Those who only recently got over the sheer terror that came with reports Taylor Swift would star in Tom Hooper's Les Miserables adaptation may need to find another anti-anxiety remedy of choice. According to Variety, Swift is in talks to portray Joni Mitchell in an upcoming adaptation of the Sheila Weller book, Girls Like Us. ("Why didn't anyone call me?" —Lea Michele, again.) The story circles the lives of Mitchell, Carole King and Carly Simon, and while Swift has been reportedly linked for "several months," other actresses are continuing to audition for the remaining parts.

We're guessing this is Sony and Di Bonaventura Pictures' attempt at replicating the success of The Help, encouraging mothers and daughters to go the movies together, only to get into a huge fight in the parking lot after mom complains that a dumb little blond girl sullied Joni's otherwise perfect reputation forever. We love us some Taylor, whether it's singing, banjo-playing or cat video-making. Having her play a legendary singer-songwriter is a lot closer to her own real life than, say, an 18th century orphan, and—we're just guessing—would be a huge honor worthy of at least five surprise faces. But given Swift's limited acting experience, is she really the best choice? As always is the case, the internet is divided:




Just kidding, it's bubbling over with outrage. (But you're pushing it with these Kanye jokes, world.) We know you've worn costumes in your videos, Tay, but maybe your first foray into a major movie role shouldn't be portraying someone who many cite as musical professor responsible for their emotional education? As for Swift's lone big screen role (The Lorax excluded) Joni Mitchell probably could have been squeezed into a Valentine's Day scene somewhere, right?