Taylor Swift has made a fortune creating highly popular songs that don't shy away from referencing past relationships, with lyrics that can still sting certain subjects to this day. With so many songs stemming from her high-profile romances—dating back to the likes of Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, and of course, John Mayer—Taylor has taken her time moving on to another meaningful union that will inevitably provide her with enough songwriting inspiration for a full-length LP.

But it's been over a year since Speak Now, so you'll understand the public's need to assign her a new fling with any hot, eligible male celebrity of right now, because a 22-year-old with so much expendable income can never just sit at home with her cat. According to the New York Post, Swift's newest love interest is not a music star, but comes from a very important political family who's used to having their names in the press. The 22-year-old made a trip to the Kennedy—as in Bobby and Jackie and Jack—compound in Hyannis Port, Mass. last Friday, renting a small house on the family's property and spending quality time with Conor Kennedy, the 18-year-old grandson of the late Robert F. Kennedy.

Because many on the scene were caught off guard by the presence of a real celebrity, rather than some tired old politico, onlookers claim that Swift and Kennedy were seen "playfully bouncing together on a trampoline with a large black dog" as well as taking a private walk along the beach "holding hands." Swift made sure to put in time with the adults, though, chatting up Ethel Kennedy, whom she probably feels is a kindred spirit, and later joining a group at a nearby pizzeria. "[Patrick] found her a seat. It was very sweet," explains the Post's source. Good—a Grammy winner should never have to stand in the presence of pie.

Swift has been rumored to have more than one famous beau before, most recently linked to Patrick Schwarzenegger after an Independence Day sailing trip—drama in the Kennedy-Shriver clan!—and most falsely, despite our protests, to NFL quarterback and arguable messiah, Tim Tebow. While Swift could probably have any guy in the world, plus her pick of from those independent Olympians, hooking up with a Kennedy only fortifies her position in U.S. history, and moves her one step closer to becoming a legitimate piece of American royalty. Finally! The fairytale she's been waiting for has arrived.