She's currently in the middle of a national tour, yet it's clear none of America's other little states have won Taylor Swift over in quite the same way The Volunteer State has. After purchasing a penthouse in her adopted city of Nashville in 2009, Swift quickly packed up and moved on up to a swankier home in a different part of the Tennessee capital, before also purchasing a pad for herself in Beverly Hills. Since she's been spending so much time of the road, any additional real estate purchases might be regarded as a waste, or a smart "investment" if your glass is half-full, so why not use her wealth to lavishly spoil Mr. and Mrs. Swift? These are the folks that helped cultivate those musical dreams, after all. Swift reportedly purchased a historic Nashville mansion known as The Northumberland Estate for her parents, to the sounds of a cool $2.5 million. Built in 1930, the 5,601 square foot home boasts 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths and an adjacent two-story pool house. Start drooling at the pictures below.

There goes Taylor, being super sweet and so goshdarn adorable yet again. When we were 21-years-old we were sitting in our parents' basement watching reruns of The OC on SOAPnet—which we hear is still part of the weekday rotation, just in case you have the same slovenly aspirations that we did at the time. Kudos on raising a good daughter, now please excuse us while we rethink the new Tom Clancy book we picked up for Mom and Dad.