A new Taylor Swift single comes out, and the questions start--who's it about? How "Taylory" is it? Is it the best thing to happen to young girls in years, or is it the worst thing to happen to them (the fact that, y'know, other kinds of people happily listen to Taylor Swift doesn't tend to come up in these lines of questioning)

That said, Taylor Swift's new song doesn't much sound like a Taylor song. "Safe and Sound," recorded for The Hunger Games' soundtrack, owes much more to the sound of feature-credit pals The Civil Wars. It's a rather sedate track, made of little but guitar plucking and breath--that is, Taylor's voice, soaring and reassuring above it all. This isn't necessarily what Swift's album is going to sound like, as some have speculated--it's just a soundtrack cut!--but it's definitely worth checking out for Swift fans and those less sure. Listen below.