Austin Mahone, the YouTube star often categorized as a mini Justin Bieber with shades of Ryan Lochte swag to spare, is getting a big boost in 2013 thanks to the always generous Taylor Swift. There's no need to cry, Mahomies—this is good news! He's playing arenas! There's room for all of you inside.

Mahone will join Taylor's 2013 Red tour for six dates beginning May 4 in Detroit. "I still can't believe I’m opening for Taylor! I’m so appreciative and excited for this opportunity," he said in a statement on Thursday. "Getting to play in stadiums, and it’s with one of the biggest artists in the world! I can't wait!" The gig is a huge lift for Mahone, one of our featured 18 Under 18 artists, who recently signed with Chase Records.

Also opening for Taylor on what promises to be a cherry-hued live show filled with nods to that 22-year-old life: Ed Sheeeran, her songwriting partner, Twitter buddy and maybe, one day, romantic counterpart. We can hope, right? While we investigate love potions, Mahomies can catch Austin opening for Taylor in the following cities:

May 4 - Detroit, MI

May 25 - Dallas, TX

June 15- Toronto, ON

July 6 - Pittsburgh, PA

July 27 - Foxboro, MA

August 10 - Chicago, IL