With all of her flattering tributes and general wonderstruck persona, even 21-year-old Taylor Swift is not immune to the crass and generally sucky downsides of fame. While she travels the country in a purple dress reigniting the careers of some of her idols, the website Celeb Jihad has taken a creepy dig at her reputation, claiming to have their hands on a "leaked" topless photo of the singer which threatens to present her in a very mature light not before seen by her younger fans.

The site published a topless photo of a young women who resembles Swift along with the headline "Taylor Swift Topless Private Pic Leaked?" According to TMZ, Swift's team has threatened to file a lawsuit for trademark infringement against the site if they do not remove the image, claiming it contains "false pornographic images and false 'news'" about her. On Monday Celeb Jihad had not yet complied with the request, but instead is advertising an alleged "compromise" they proposed for the Grammy winner that is both facetious and slightly offensive: "We will remove the article if Taylor Swift simply agrees to convert to Islam." No word on her response, but we probably shouldn't rule out a song for her next album.