It's been a real slow year for blockbuster releases—so much so that friggin' Mumford and Sons have the best first-week sales of anyone in 2012—but that's all about to change. Taylor Swift has emerged on the horizon to save the music industry (or at least give chart nerds something to talk about), and Billboard reports that she's already sold 500,000 copies of fourth albumRed in the LP's first week of release, and that she should sell over a million copies by week's end.

In the process, Taylor should tie or break all kinds of chart records of varying degrees of obscurity. The 160k of copies she's already sold in one day of sales is a record for Target stores (put it on the board, YESSSS!) and with around 260k sold in one day on iTunes, she's well on her way to breaking the Mumford-set record of 390k in one-week digital sales. Perhaps most notably, with a mil sold of Red, after selling 1,047,000 copies of previous album Speak Now in its first week, Taylor could become the first-ever female artist with two million-selling first weeks—something only Eminem, 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys have done besides.

Yes, it looks like a dream season for Taylor Swift, with only more hit singles, viral music videos and (eventually) a globe-trotting, world-conquering tour on the way. No surprise, really, and not even unwelcome news—obviously, we here at Popdust welcome our new singing/songwriting overlord. Anything besides the Mumford, really.