Taylor Swift has always been a fairly advanced songwriter for her age—most female songwriters don't write about having a tumultuous romance with John Mayer until they're at least 22—but we've yet to see her get downright historical with it. We may have our chance soon, as Taylor revealed that she has written a song about perhaps the most storied American family of the 20th century, the Kennedys—and she revealed it to none other than RFK's filmmaker daughter, Rory Kennedy. Taylor met with Rory at the premiere of the latter's HBO film about her mother Ethel, and Rory explained to ABC News about the meeting:

She really just loves my mother which is so sweet...I'm a huge fan of hers, I have young girls and we had been to a few of her concerts. I met with her at one of them and she had read a ton of books about our family. She was inspired and wrote a song.

Well then. We'd hoped Taylor might grow up a little past the "You broke my heart, I'm out standing in the rain, boy I wish I had an umbrella" stage of her songwriting career with her next album, but we didn't expect her to go all Social Studies on us just yet. We'll have to wait and see before judging the significance of this development, but in the meantime, a few song title predictions:

  • "Sweet Caroline"
  • "Bobby Don't You Walk So Fast"
  • "John-John, Where Have You Gone?"
  • "Ethel, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Politicians"
  • "JFK, Blown Away, What Else Do I Have to Say?"

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