Taylor Swift's '1989' Track List Has Leaked!

Taylor Swift's 1989 is the gift that keeps on giving these days. In a glorious flurry of excitement, the official track list of the singer's fifth LP has hit the web and has been confirmed by one industry insider (who previously leaked correct information about the album's lead sample "Shake It Off" back in August). This time, while he is not the original source of the track list, he does confirm that the song title are correct, even if he's not 100% sure of the order.

As you can see (below), fun.'s leading man Jack Antonoff shows up on several other tracks (as a songwriter), including "I Wish You Would" and "You Are In Love." Red collaborators and industry gurus Max Martin and Shellback make their influence known throughout most of the record, most notably on such tracks as "Bad Blood" (reportedly about Swift's arch nemesis Katy Perry), "Style." (also featuring an Ali Payami credit) and "Wonderland."

Swift's 1989 is expected to hit retail on Oct. 27.


The 1989 track list is as follows:

1. Welcome To New York (Swift/Ryan Tedder)

2. Blank Spaces (Swift/Max Martin/Shellback)

3. Style. (Swift/Martin/Shellback/Ali Payami)

4. Out Of The Woods (Swift/Jack Antonoff

5. All You Had To Do Was Stay (Swift/Martin)

6. Shake It Off (Swift/Martin/Shellback)

7. I Wish You Would (Swift/Antonoff)

8. Bad Blood (Swift/Martin/Shellback)

9. How You Get The Girl (Swift/Martin/Shellback)

10. Wildest Dreams (Swift/Martin/Shellback)

11. This Love (Swift)

12. I Know Places (Swift/Tedder)

13. Clean (Swift/Imogen Heap)


14. Wonderland (Swift/Martin/Shellback)

15. You Are In Love (Swift/Antonoff)

16. New Romantics (Swift/Martin/Shellback)

17. Voice Memo Of Song On Album

18. Voice Memo Of Song On Album

19. Voice Memo Of Song On Album


Or has the track list been debunked by Swift herself? Late on Fri. night (Oct. 17), the pop singer took to Tumblr to addressed the alleged list, posting, in reply to Billboard's own story on the matter, "That’s not even accurate. LOL." But again, could the always-sneaky Swift be trying to distract us from her 1989 trail? As was pointed out by the insider source (above), he's not sure about the track list order, but assures us the song titles are correct? When Swift revealed another lyric last night, one for her latest sampling "Out Of The Woods," what do you know...it's Track No. 4. So, we don't even know what to think at this point...

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