Marriage? Those goofy kids aren't really thinking about marriage already, are they? Geez, Kim and Kanye haven't even tied the knot yet, and after like a month of New Year's kisses and nauseatingly cute karaoke dates, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are throwing around the "M" word? So says UK gossip rag The Sun, anyway, who claims the rapidly accelerating intimacy of the couple (currently on vacay in the Virginia Isles) is causing Taylor's dad Scott Kingsley Swift (great pop dad name) some worry. To quote:

He likes Harry but he wants them to slow down and take things easy. It’s clear to everyone they are smitten with one another and already talking about marriage. He doesn’t want them to split up as fast as they’ve got together and for Taylor to end up devastated.

Oh, Scott Kingsley. Don't you realize who you're dealing with here? Don't you know that for your daughter, flying without a net is the whole name of the game? That part of her probably flings herself into relationships like this knowing and even hoping it ends with such drama, since that's the lifeblood of her near-unprecedently successful career as a pop star and artist? Trying to prevent the relationship from ending badly is like attempting to defy gravity—you can only do it for so long, and you'll get fucking exhausted in the process.

Meanwhile, we're curious what warnings Mrs. Styles might have about the relationship. "Uhm Harry darling, you do realize she's had a few other boyfriends in the past, and she's written some rather unflattering songs about nearly all of them?" Which one of the two is really at risk here?