Yesterday word hit that Taylor Swift had purchased some beachfront property in Hyannis Port, Mass. A little late in the summer season, sure, but she's certainly got the funds, and has more than earned herself a luxe spot to relax and kick her feet up after finishing her fourth studio album, Red. Did we mention her latest address is a stone's throw away from her reported boyfriend Conor Kennedy and his extended family? Well, then yes, there's that.

In between your 180th and 181st listens to "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," take a gander at Taylor's newest home, whose majestic ocean views and cozy quarters are perfect for cupcake baking, group sing-alongs, and pining restlessly in preparation for penning yet another break-up ballad—not that we're trying to jinx anything, it just seems like that's the way these things work.

Because a brand new single shooting to the top of the iTunes charts wasn't enough. Treat yo self, T-Swift! But couldn't you have sprung for the grotto?