When they're not getting flirty with the competition, members of Team USA Swimming do indeed like to take part in a time-honored 2012 tradition: filming "Call Me Maybe" lip dub videos. But Carly Rae Jepsen is Canadian, and my grandmother has already moved on to working out her concept for a "Good Time" video! We'll let the unoriginality slide for now—anything for a few seconds of Ryan Lochte, also known as that glistening, chlorine-dipped angel above, AM I RIGHT? Also, another Team USA musical moment means we're increasing the chances of there being a dance-off between the swimming and women's soccer teams inside the Olympic Village, which some measly badminton player will ultimately upload to YouTube.

They're far from the first group of athletes to offer their take on Jepsen's tune, suggesting that preparing for such epic competition requires goofy dancing and a few trips down the water slide to clear the head. But we have to tip our hat to the team's collective sense of balance—dancing on a plane, among other things, can be difficult with turbulence and minimal leg room—and the ability to talk multi-gold medalist and rumored jerk Michael Phelps into taking part in the fun. He does have a beard now, so maybe his Beijing diva antics are a thing of the past?

We're about 24 hours away from the Opening Ceremony, a point at which we'll know for sure whether or not Wesley Snipes' prediction that the people of London would not be prepared for such a great spotlight to put be upon their fair city, and only a few more hours from that until we can admire these bodies in motion, doing what they do best, all in the name of patriotism. U-S-A!