TEEN TOP haven't shot up the K-pop ladder with the rapid speed of rivals, INFINITE, but they've still been steadily rising in popularity over the past two years. So far, the group's biggest successes have come from working with Son Dam Bi star-maker, Brave Brothers. Brave bagged the boys their first music program victory with "Going Crazy," successfully recycled SISTAR's "Alone" on "To You," and produced the group's highest-charting single to date, "Be Ma Girl." Clearly recognizing a good thing when they see it, TEEN TOP have re-teamed with Brave for their latest song, "I Wanna Love," a buzz single from their upcoming debut studio album, No. 1.

"I Wanna Love" is the kind of generic techno-pop song that we thought Brave stopped producing after hitting it big with "Alone." It's not a new sound for TEEN TOP, but it is their most underwhelming stab at it to date. (The deceptively skeezy "No More Perfume," still stands as their best, obviously.) The public seem to be loving it, though, with "I Wanna Love" shooting straight to the top of many digital charts shortly after its release. It's currently sitting at No. 6 on the instiz iChart, which is impressive considering that it's not even their official comeback single. If things continue going this great for TEEN TOP, then No. 1 is going to give the boys their biggest era yet.