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There's probably a reason girls always summon their boyfriends when they see a spider. This probably isn't it.

Diana Bell, a 17-year-old girl from Claflin, KS, was driving on an on US Route 56 this weekend when she spotted a spider on her lap.

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Growing up, I was taught not to kill house spiders because they are pest predators — they'll eat other insects but aren't harmful to humans. Diana Bell was likely never taught this lesson, because she wanted the spider on her lap dead. In a panic, the teenager let go of the steering wheel to swat at the spider.

When I was a teenager in driver's education, I was taught that while driving, you should NEVER let go of the steering wheel for any reason.

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This is another lesson Diana Bell probably didn't learn. As she released the wheel, her car swerved (as cars do) across the center lane, colliding head first with another vehicle. The second car then bounced into the lane that Bell had originally been driving in and struck a different car head on.

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All occupants of the three cars were transported to Great Bend Regional Hospital; eleven people were injured in total including six children. US Route 56 was closed for an hour to clear debris, some of which had struck a fourth car.

One of the first things I ever learned was that while driving, you must buckle your seatbelt for safety; despite never learning not to kill spiders, despite never learning not to take her hands off the steering wheel, Diana Bell did learn the importance of wearing her seatbelt. Everyone involved in the collision was buckled in, and thankfully so, or things could have been a lot worse.

What did everyone learn today?