My favorite thing about HelloFresh is that their dishes borrow from cuisines all over the world. I'm able to travel the globe right from my kitchen table. My meal kits usually include recipes I'd never make on my own, since they sometimes come with ingredients and spices I wouldn't know where to find. HelloFresh lets me merge the excitement of a restaurant experience in a new country with the comfort of having a home-cooked meal. Since most meals are made in just 30 minutes, I can cook and catch up on my favorite shows too. The amount of delicious recipes are countless, but here are some of my special favorites.


My boo loves Mexican food, and these Chiles Rellenos are the perfect combination of earthy flavors and mild, smoky spices. Rellenos translates to "stuffed", and these peppers are packed with fresh tomato, thick guacamole and fresh, zesty sour cream.They're the perfect addition to a dinner table when you're having friends over- pair with a homemade jalapeno margarita and you'll swear you're in a little restaurant in Cabo San Lucas.


There's just something about the mix of salty and sweet that makes Chinese food one of my favorite cuisines. This Sweet 'N' Sour Yakisoba Noodles is quick and simple to make, but I can never resist sneaking in a few tastes before it's done, since the smell of sweet and sour sauce and garlic take over my senses and kitchen. A lot of Chinese dishes has a sweet element to it, this dish is no exception. The thick, ramen are comforting and filling, which is a plus considering this dish is meat free.


This warming cauliflower and lentil dal dish is so yummy, you won't even notice it's missing meat. The warm curry powder gives it a kick of flavor and I make sure I never forget to warm up the naan, just how I like it. Indian food is known for its rich spices, since no other country in the world produces as many spices as India.


The decadent flavors of this Creamy Shrimp Tagliatelle are perfectly balanced by the pops of fresh heirloom tomatoes, garlic and just a hint of chilli. This dish is so fast to make, and tastes better than my favorite Italian take out. I love to enjoy a glass of Pinot Grigio while I cook this dish to complete the authentic experience. Share this meal with a friend, but remember to say "buon appetito." Italians say this phrase to each other right before eating, as a way to say "enjoy your meal."


The first time I had this dish, I was going for something different and it didn't disappoint. The combination of briny olives and salty feta perfectly complemented the fresh shrimp and Israeli couscous. The dish is light and satisfying, and since a trip to Santorini is on the top of my travel bucket list, this dish has only made me want to travel to Greece even more!

If you're a fan of worldly cuisines like me and want to visit several countries without paying for expensive flights, then you might like HelloFresh, too. The top meal kit service sends you a box full of exact ingredients, ready to cook, for three nights a week. Known for good taste and convenience, you might even find out cooking isn't as intimidating as it seems.

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