Listen to the Latest Preview of Temples' Sophomore LP 'Volcano'

Rock band Temples are preparing to welcome Spring 2017 with a brand new album.

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Your favorite psychedelic rock band Temples have released a second single off their upcoming album, Volcano, set to release on March 3rd. The newest single, "Strange or Be Forgotten," will close the album and recalls the band's familiar sounds: airy vocals, big-room drums and melodic synths.

"Is there a plan before we fall / fall out the nighttime?" sings frontman and founding member James Bagshaw in "Strange or Be Forgotten," the new but classic Temples single featuring lofty lyrics to match its echoing melodies. The vocals ring with choral harmonies over similarly resonant drums.

To fans of 2014's Sun Structures, the new track will sound happily familiar. Temples (and others, such as Cage the Elephant, to a lesser degree) have accepted the tradition of psychedelia from MGMT and company who seem to have lost the connection to audiences. MGMT's third album failed to produce much replay value, even for the band itself: "I don't even know if it's music we would want to listen to," singer Andrew VanWyngarden said in an interview.

Temples have come in with energy and creativity that had all but disappeared in other, similar bands, producing excellent songs: "Shelter Song," "Keep in the Dark," "Sun Structures," and more. Their upcoming album promises more refreshment for the sub-genre. Preceding the release of "Strange or Be Forgotten" and accompanying the announcement of the album, was "Certainty," the opening track and a dirtier, poppier, even more exciting demonstration of the band's energy.

Starting the album with a rolling drum beat and growling bass synth, "Certainty" is a happy, rousing song. It moves into a great classic-video-game-theme synth in the chorus that actually dominates Bagshaw's vocals because of its catchiness. The verses sound smokey and suspicious, a perfect complement to the outrageously happy synth hook. "Certainty" is a wonderful example of Temples' ability to craft a song that straddles the foggy line between alt-rock and full psychedelia.

There's no word if we'll hear anymore of the album before its March release, but these two tracks should be enough to keep any fan satisfied until it comes. They certainly show that Sun Structures was no fluke and that we have every reason to be excited for the sophomore LP.

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