Tessa Dixson Releases 'Falling'

Melodic and intimate alt-pop.


Meet Tessa Dixson, whose new single "Falling" premieres today.

Dixson's sound exudes moodiness mixed with a nuanced edginess, all delivered on spell-casting tones.

The latest single from her forthcoming EP (dropping soon), "Falling" follows in the footsteps of Dixson's debut single, "Prayer," as well as her "Crystal Waters" and "Beautiful Pain." She also has an album in the works. Her summary of "Falling" concludes: "The art of leaving it all behind and turning a blind eye to the world we live in, all the while in eternal questioning, that is falling."

Hailing from a musical family, Dixson began piano lessons at age 10. Later, she continued by teaching herself piano and guitar via YouTube. When not modeling or singing, she studies graphic design at L'école de Recherche Graphique de Bruxelles, in Brussels. She recently signed with PIAS.

"Falling" opens with surfacing synths and strings riding a potent alt-pop melody, cool and full of tantalizing flows both pensive and introspective. A tight snare and flat kick drum drive the rhythm, as the undulating harmonics glide overhead. On it, Dixson's voice is beguiling and full of hypnotic timbres, which in turn creates an elegant imminence of being lost in mysterious thoughts.

"Falling" is exquisitely enchanting, establishing aesthetic precepts on a welter of lustrous sonic colors.

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