You Need to Hear "Tetra" by Minneapolis Electro-Pop Duo Vlush

Up-and-coming electro-pop duo vlush from Minneapolis drop a spanning, catchy electronic hit.

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"I've been inclined to fake my trust," the singer on vlush's latest track calls out to the listener. The song balances nostalgic, stratified vocals with catchy synth sounds and a bangin' drum beat. With two acts, the song touches on distinct, nonetheless uplifting tones.

Formerly known as "Tricky", the Minneapolis electronic duo vlush is composed of producer DannyTV and vocalist carter, the former having collaborated in the past with Kanye West co-sign Allan Kingdom.

"Tetra" dropped last week on their soundcloud profile. With just under 3k listens, now's your chance to get ahead on this satisfying hit. Listen below...

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