Texan Busted For Banging Cheerleader Proves Teachers Have Learned Nothing

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Have hot teachers who bone their students learned nothing? The golden rule is NO PHOTOS!

Sexed-up former biology teacher and assistant cheerleading coach Ashley Zehnder, 24, made that fatal mistake after having sexy time with a 17 year-old student all summer long. The pic found it’s way to SnapChat, and…you know the rest.

She has since been forced to quit her job at Pasedena High School in Houston, Texas.

Zehnder was charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a student earlier this week and released on $10,000 bond.

You would think these hot, horny teachers would learn form their predecessors. Debra LaFave, Shelley Dufresne, Rachel Respess. You never, ever take a picture!

You’d think that, given their profession is “teaching,” that they would be apt to learn by example, but no! Not only did Ashley break the photo rule, she went to the school administrators and complained that students were passing around a nude photo of her! Ashley, what were you thinking... with your vagina? At least guys have a head down there!

The 17-year-old stud (ent) then admitted to the school that Zehnder sent him the pic in the first place, prompting an investigation.

The student "was able to describe her room, her apartment, the layout of it, exactly where it was," assistant district attorney Nick Socias told KHOU 11. The student said he and Zehnder began having sex in May and enjoyed summer lovin’ all the way through August.

And now for the twist no-one saw coming!

The student was on the cheerleading squad! That’s how they met!

"He told officers.....that the relationship began when he lost his cellphone and used the teacher's phone to locate his. He saved Zehnder's phone numbers and they began texting."

A hot female teacher who bangs her male student? Happens every day? A hot female teacher who bangs her male student who is on the cheerleading squad? That’s a little hard to swallow. Pun intended.

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