When Anders B and Anders SG of THANKS spoke to Popdust about their new single, a collaboration with Australian hitmaker Sam Sparro entitled "Your Man,"a little while back, they discussed the importance of combining the precise sound that is emblematic of electropop with a feel that was "funky and human." Last week, the rising Danish producer duo released the single's video. They describe it as follows:

"Imagine your old VHS of the original TRON movie sped up by a 90s home-computer and then hijacked by two guys from the future with some synths and bongos and Mr. Sam Sparro in the most red oversize bomber jacket you'll ever see."

Coming from anybody else, this might sound ridiculous, but the guys on THANKS, who are also members of eclectic indie pop band Alphabeat, know how to have fun with the little notches of nostalgia that make them so fun to listen to. Sparro's appearance only puts it further over the top. Add in all the other elements the guys describe above, and suddenly you have a candy-colored world that feels as much a tribute to the 90s as it does a desire to bring back 90s pop.

The video, filmed in such a way that it looks like it was shot on an old camcorder or a Super8, is strung together by a bright neon road; who better to guide the viewer down this highway back in time than Sam Sparro himself, looking like a particularly hip version of a certain Italian video game plumber in his red bomber jacket and 'stache? The Anders duo mainly takes a back seat to Sparro's retro-style dance antics--where Sparro does the robot and seems to be having a good time jamming to the French-house inspired cut, the duo take a page from Daft Punk and let the music do the talking. Regardless of whether they have you dancing or not, their energetic approach and aesthetic on the "Your Man" video is bound to win you over.

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