That 4minute "What's Your Name?" Reign Just Won't Let Up

4minute's "What's Your Name?" is the K-pop hit that won't die. One month after its initial release, and the song is still ranking in the top five of the instiz iChart and outselling more recent fare from the likes of Lee Hyori and Shinhwa. The electronic hip-hop track recently became 4minute's first No. 1 hit on the GAON chart, and it's also still picking up music program awards, having won first place on Sunday's episode of Inkigayo.

With the song's unstoppable (and utterly surprising) popularity, Cube Entertainment has announced that 4minute will officially extend their current promotions beyond what they had originally scheduled, to help keep the momentum going.

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It's strange to see "What's Your Name?" doing so well when 4minute was initially pegged as the underdog in the comeback battle between themselves, SECRET, and T-ara N4. While "What's Your Name?" continues to sell like hotcakes and pick up music program trophies, SECRET's "YooHoo" peaked at no. 5 before the group's leader became embroiled in a huge scandal, while T-ara N4's "Countryside Life" has sold poorly, leaving the group to head to the States to promote the song over there instead.

4minute has always been considered a mid-tier girl group that's continually overshadowed by its star member, HyunA, but the success of "What's Your Name?" seems to be changing that. The song is currently just behind SISTAR19's "Gone Not Around Any Longer" and Girls' Generation's "I Got a Boy," as the biggest girl group single of the year so far -- and both of those were released back in January, giving them the advantage of a few months of extra sales. With 4minute's non-HyunA members now more well known to the public thanks to the 2Yoon subunit, on top of the group's current digital domination, it'll probably only take them another big hit like "What's Your Name?" to officially be considered top-tier material.

Do you think 4minute's current popularity will continue and take them all the way to the top, or is it all just some kind of weird fluke?

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