Now you know why Beyonce's 4 restaging / intimate concert series at Roseland Ballroom only had tickets available for 5-minute windows. It's artificial scarcity! Make it so that only a tenth of a percentage point of Beyonce fans can attend the show, and lots of people will suddenly find them in the market of a live DVD of the thing. That, combined with its Nov. 21 release date--just in time for the holiday shopping cycle--is nothing short of marketing genius.

Somehow not sold? Beyonce: Live at Roseland will have a deluxe disc on Nov. 29, with bonus footage and seven music videos. Seven! That's enough music videos to constitute an opening act's set! What more does Beyonce need to do to dominate your holiday shopping list? House concerts? Live-streaming every note she sings, in practice, while wearing headphones, just on the street? Something baby-related? Something baby-related should do, right? Or maybe a YouTube trawl for concert footage will do. It might also defeat the purpose of having a live DVD, but hey--it's been out there.