Much of our NYC readership needs no reminder that a Black Eyed Peas concert went down in Central Park on Friday--60,000 people attended and raised $4 million in its fundraising for the Robin Hood Foundation. It's an impressive showing, considering the thing was canceled due to rain when it was originally supposed to happen, literally scattering the crowd. There was rain this time, mind you. But it didn't stop much of the crowd from experiencing their last chance at a summer concert in Central Park the spirit of philanthropy and of the Peas' fuzziest song to date, "Where is the Love."

OK, OK, we know: much more of our readership doesn't live in New York and didn't see this concert. Good thing someone had a camera to document it, right? Granted, you'll have to get through "Play That Funky Music" and "Shout" and "Imagine" to see the Peas--you might see it the other way around, but we're possibly more pro-BEP than you. But you can play a game in the meantime: spot the crowd members who look totally bored and/or uninterested! And if it matters at all to you, there was live singing, albeit at times through the autotune-mics. It's's thing; at least he's consistent.