Beyonce may or may not have a few projects in the works, one of which may or may not be a soundtrack to A Star Is Born. We know this because Ryan Tedder told the world about the exact, literal moment those conversations started. Now for the other bit of hip-hop royal couple news teased by peripheral producers: Jay-Z is up to some crazy stuff lately. Witness:

- Pharrell and Jay-Z are working on "something crazy," according to MTV News. This something may or may not be part of his solo and/or Throne albums he said might come out this year. So many maybes and mights! With all these caveats, who knows--he might actually be talking about "Glory," which he already produced. After all...

- Scuttlebutt went around the blogs today (check out Billboard's breadcrumb trail) that ?uestlove, of the Roots and of general awesomeness, was also working on an awesome secret project with Jay-Z, one he couldn't talk or even tweet about. This isn't actually true. That is to say, it used to be true, but that project's already come to fruition, as he explained:

THERE IS NO JAY Z PROJECT. That "Project" is from an OLD INTERVIEW. I was speaking of Carnegie Hall Show. Its the 4th time I've said this but I'm getting more & more blog links saying the opposite lol.

So does this mean that when you watch the video below, you're privy to a secret? Possibly! It's surely a nice thought.