That's More Like It: A "Halo" / "Hallows" Harry Potter Parody

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Does the world really need a whole host of pop song parodies to be uploaded to YouTube in conjunction with the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2? No, but as long as they're going to be made—and they are going to be made, of course—we can only hope that the parodists at least choose the logical songs to use, and follow through in the most professional manner possible. Don't try too hard to be clever, just get in and get out, make us chuckle once or twice, and let us move on to the next one.

So in a weird way, we're relieved to see "Hallows," a fangirl account from YouTube user Oh Mandy of how sad it is that the end of the Harry Potter film franchise is now upon us (um, reboot? Give it like a decade), set to the tune of Beyoncé's "Halo." See, that makes sense, because "Halo" kind of sounds like "Hallows." You listening, people that made that Harry Potter "Friday" parody because you were under the false impression that the internet was still under contractual obligation to make every viral video Rebecca Black-related? This is how it's done, and it's really not complicated.

Ultimately, this is still mostly for Harry Potter fans only—people who will nod knowingly at chorus lyrics like "This is gonna hurt more / Then when Snape killed Dumbledore"—but there are a couple nice touches for the pop crowd as well, our favorite being the video's subtle use of the soft filter, abused so sublimely in the "Halo" video.  See? Simple like that. We won't ever watch it again after today, but by tomorrow there'll be another such parody to chew on anyway. We can only hope it's this tasteful.

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