The 20 Best K-pop Music Videos of the Year (That Aren't "Gangnam Style")

It's almost impossible to do a roundup of the year's best music videos without including "Gangnam Style." It's one one of the biggest hits of the decade, and the accompanying clip is the most viewed and most liked video in YouTube's history, which makes PSY's horsey hit an undeniable pop classic. But to avoid being completely predictable, we've omitted PSY from our list of 2012's greatest K-pop videos, because, let's face it: if PSY was on this list, he'd probably occupy every single spot. And as any good K-pop fan will tell you—especially the ones that voted PSY out in the first round of our Greatest K-pop Song of All Time tournament— there's more to South Korea's music scene than one portly 34-year-old. So, with PSY's supreme awesomeness acknowledged, here are the best K-pop clips that 2012 had to offer (that aren't "Gangnam Style").

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20. TVXQ - Catch Me

TVXQ lose a few points here for sticking to the typical S.M. Entertainment set-based MV in "Catch Me," but they make up for it with their explosive choreography. The duo's epic hulk dance is the best routine of 2012.

19. SECRET - Poison

Girl group SECRET continued their obsession with all things Beyonce by ripping off King B's "Dance for You" music video, but we never in a million years expected them to beat Bey at her own game like they did in this sassy clip. "Poison" features all the coochie-popping, weave-whipping, and booty-shaking of any good Beyonce video, but with four times the girls and an amazing murder-by-roofie climax.

18. SISTAR - Loving U

K-pop MVs don't head outside too often, but SISTAR broke out of the genre's flashy set-based mold and flew all the way to Hawaii to film this summer holiday extravaganza.

17. Dal Shabet - Hit U

What do you do when your boyfriend screws around? Binge eat? Write in your burn book? Dal Shabet have a different approach to handling the breakup blues: mercilessly gun down your fella and all of his friends until they're dead. Not many people could get away with a concept this hilariously grisly, but Dal Shabet made it work thanks to one little trick: they replaced all the blood with pink paint.

16. T-ara - Day by Day (Drama Version)

In part one of T-ara's post-apocalyptic "Day by Day"/"Sexy Love" mini-drama, we were introduced to the group's newest member, Dani. The 13-year-old played a blind girl with supernatural powers that gets kidnapped by the evil Jiyeon, who wants to use her special abilities to take over the world. It's completely over the top, but then again, we wouldn't expect anything less from T-ara.

15. Girl's Day - Oh My God

"Oh My God" isn't Girl's Day's finest musical moment, but the bubbly fivesome (now foursome since Jihae split) were able to compensate for not releasing another "Twinkle Twinkle" with this ridiculously fun video.

14. BIGBANG - Bad Boy

BIGBANG toned down the crazy visuals for once and went for a street style in the stunning video for their hip-hop hit, "Bad Boy." We love their daring style (even Taeyang's Micky Mouse hair), but this video proves that sometimes less really is more.

13. Orange Caramel - Lipstick

It's a wacky ping-pong battle to the death for Orange Caramel in the fabulously tacky video for their unexpected smash hit, "Lipstick." With videos this good, it's not hard to see why the After School sub-unit are now more popular than their mother group.

12. HyunA - Ice Cream

Starring PSY as an ice cream-slurping burglar and HyunA as a clown killing trucker, this colorful video turned up the camp factor and sex appeal to full blast with amazing results.

11. EXID - Every Night

EXID are the only rookie act to make this list, but there was no way we could pass them up after the video for their breakthrough hit, "Every Night," in which the girls get revenge on a bad boy player with the help of a few sneeze-inducing chili bombs. They also perform super sexy choreography while wearing gas masks, which is strangely hot ... if you're into that kind of thing.

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10. T-ara - Sexy Love (Drama Version)

T-ara concluded their latest music video mini-drama in September with "Sexy Love," which features a killer three-way battle between the group's three biggest stars: Jiyeon, Eunjung and Hyomin. But as much as we loved all the fighting in this video, we have to give it up to DJ Soyeon, who seriously killed it in her role as Jiyeon's shady henchwoman.

9. Wonder Girls - Like This

The Wonder Girls served up the ultimate K-pop flashmob in their bombastic "Like This" video. This is one of those amazingly fun clips that you watch and think to yourself with a sigh, "Why can't this be real life?"

8. BoA - Only One (Dance Version)

After staging a somewhat disappointing comeback in 2010 with Hurricane Venus, BoA snatched back her crown as both the Queen of K-pop and the Queen of Choreography with "Only One." Like her labelmates, TVXQ, the song's music video is simple in concept, but the choreography is a true masterpiece.

7. Gavy NJ - Pretty

When watching Gavy NJ's "Pretty," we didn't know whether to laugh or cry. The low budget clip is scarily realistic in the way that it captures the awkwardness, humiliation and heartache of unexpectedly running into an ex with their new squeeze.

6. Miryo - Dirty

Brown Eyed Girls' rapstress Miryo branched out on her own in January with her playful single, "Dirty," and its morbidly funny music video. Dal Shabet made slaughtering a lover and his cronies look cool, but Miryo went one step further and actually made it seem like a whole lotta fun. Twisted, yes, but that's what makes it so sadistically fantastic.

5. K. Will - Please Don't

Crooner K. Will flipped the script on your typical K-drama visual by adding in one whopper of a twist: a tragic gay love affair! Throw in the celeb star power of Seo In Guk and SISTAR's Dasom, and you've got yourself a K-pop MV that's guaranteed to be remembered for years to come.

4. Junsu - Tarantallegra

TVXQ have set the bar exceptionally high since JYJ left the fold, but Junsu proved that he could still go toe-to-toe with the K-Pop Kings in this sex-soaked, gender-bending thrust-a-thon. If Adam Lambert could dance, he'd probably make a video a lot like this one.

3. Sunny Hill - The Grasshopper Song

Quirky K-pop collective Sunny Hill took the classic children's fable, The Ant and the Grasshopper, and spun it to apply to contemporary Korean society. "The Grasshopper Song" is rich, theatrical, and comes packed with some biting social commentary. Other than a half-naked HyunA, what more could you want from a music video?

2. IU - End of Every Day

In the whopping 25-minute music video for IU's "End of Every Day," Korea's national sweetheart takes a trip to Venice where young love is examined through the eyes of a girl on the cusp of adulthood. If this isn't the sweetest and most heartwarming clip of 2012, we don't know what is.

1. Ga-In - Bloom

While IU's "End of Every Day" is a young woman's metaphorical first kiss, Ga-In's "Bloom" is a grown woman's non-metaphorical first orgasm. Leaving the sleaze at the door, Ga-In treats sex like one big beautiful celebration, exploring every euphoric thrust, gasp, touch, heart palpitation, and cry of pleasure. Rarely in pop music has a female's sexuality ever been treated with the kind of love and respect that it is in this video, making "Bloom" not just a catchy K-pop song with a big shiny video, but also an exercise in feminism and sexual liberation.

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