If we know anything about Justin Bieber, its that he's adorable, he's ridiculously popular and he's pretty much the voice of a generation—even if it is a generation that's not old enough to get into a screening of Scream 4. His increasingly outspoken attitude and constant watch under the media microscope makes us wonder if there's a new Bob Dylan in the works. Our intense research on the matter reveals some very strong evidence that our next poetically inclined antihero may be lurking inside a 17-year-old with unstoppable hair. Here's why:

1. They both made famous pilgrimages to the Wailing Wall.

Justin Bieber's "My World" Tour made its stop in Israel this week, officially laying waste to the rumor that Justin Bieber is bigger than Jesus. In his spare time, Bieber relished the "chance to walk where Jesus did" and see "all the places I've dreamed of"—even though the paparazzi apparently hounded him in a church, causing him to retreat back to his hotel room and tweet angrily. In the meantime, Bieber did sneak out to see the Western Wall in Jerusalem, one of the most sacred sites for Judaism, and a centuries-old hotspot for pilgrimages and prayers. It all reminded us of when Bob Dylan made a point to have his picture taken by the wall wearing a skullcap, confusing rock journalists obsessed with his conversion to Christianity. And hey, aren't people obsessively focusing on Bieber's religious beliefs these days?

2. They both hate journalists.

Who can forget Dylan mercilessly taunting Time magazine's London correspondent in Don't Look Back? Bieber would probably never be so cruel, but the seeds are being planted as we speak. Check out his recent tweets from the Holy Land: "You would think paparazzi would have some respect in holy places... They should be ashamed of themselves. Take pictures of me eating but not in a place of prayer, ridiculous... Staying in the hotel for the rest of the week u happy?" Though we're hard-pressed to call the paparazzi "journalists," we think the similarity stands.

3. Their debut albums were both snubbed at the Grammys!

Bob Dylan's unstoppable debut album was nominated for Best Folk Recording in 1963, and lost out to Peter, Paul & Mary's treacly, over-polished version of "If I Had a Hammer." Bieber on the other hand has no problem with being treacly or over-polished, but still famously lost Best New Artist to Esperanza Spalding in 2010. Twenty-eight years later the Grammys gave Dylan a Lifetime Achievement Award, so stay focused, Bieb!

4. Both played for President Obama!

Guess which one Obama is talking about here: "He didn't want to take a picture with me; usually all the talent is dying to take a picture with me and Michelle before the show, but he didn't show up to that." (Justin's way too nice to blow off the president.)

5. Both were in "We Are the World."

Dylan stuck out like a sore thumb in the original, Bieber stuck out like a "thumbs up" in the 25th anniversary. But only one was lucky enough to stand next to Kenny Rogers!

6. Both were born in Canada!

Well, Dylan was actually born in Duluth, Minnesota. But Duluth is like three hours away from the Canadian border, which makes us believe he probably grew up putting suspiciously better maple syrup on his pancakes than the rest of us...

7. Both were avid chess players in their younger days.

And we would do anything to see that match happen on Jimmy Fallon or something. There's even a rumor that Dylan once got his manager to call Bobby Fischer for a chess date! Get practicing, Justin.

8. They both want you to never say something!

Bieber wants you to "Never Say Never," Dylan wants you to "Never Say Goodbye." Either way, they just want you shut up already!

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