The Affair Recap—We FINALLY Know Who Died!

Best thing to happen this week on The Affair…we finally find out who’s death the detective is trying to solve!

R.I.P. Scottie Lockhart.

Alison’s story starts as she woken up by Cole who wants to know if she wants to go with him and watch him surf. Watch him surf? Uh, pass. She lies and says that she had crappy sleep and wanted to get a few more hours of shut eye, so he leaves. As soon as the door closes, Alison springs out of bed and puts on a flirty little dress. Cole walks back in because he forgot his surf wax, and he’s surprised/hurt/saddened to see that Alison had lied to him and makes a comment about always loving her in that dress. Alison, you bitch!

Alison hops on a bike and rides over to an unknown house that she happens to have the key to. Not long after she arrives, Noah shows up and they immediately do the dirty dirty. After their sexcapade, Alison explains that the house belonged to her friend Phoebe who is a touring folk musician. She also talks about how she wanted to leave Montauk when she was younger and go to med school, but she didn’t have the money or the grades to get in. Noah, not wanting Alison to feel like a poor schlub, confesses that he didn’t come form money either and went to college on a swimming scholarship. Alison’s phone rings and it’s her grandmother’s nursing home informing her that Athena, Alison’s mother, is in town and causing a stir at the nursing home. Alison takes off and she and Noah agree to meet after her shift.

When Alison arrives at the nursing home, she finds her mother Athena sitting in the hallway. Athena is as hippie dippy as they come and is back in town after traveling the world working as an energy healer. She’s upset about the amount of drugs the grandma is getting as well as the fact that the grandma didn’t recognize her. Uh, 1. You’ve been gone for god knows how long, and 2. The woman has Alzheimer’s, you crazy bitch! Later as Alison is leaving, Athena tells her that she wasn’t to take over as the grandma’s proxy (never gonna happen) and also tells her that she want to dinner. Alison dodges that bullet, telling her that she’s having dinner at the Lockharts then she’s house-sitting for Phoebe.

Alison is late for work, but her friend covered for her. Oscar stumbles into the restaurant and asks to borrow Alison’s phone to call Scottie because Scottie owes him a “delivery.” Hmmmmm. Later Scottie shows up and after he leaves Oscar comes out of his office in a much better mood. Cocaine, anyone? In present day, the detective asks Alison why Scottie would stop by the restaurant, but Alison only tells him that he and Oscar were friends.

Noah and Alison do meet up after her shift, have a discussion about all the sappy romantic places they would travel together, then Noah leaves. But as he’s walking to his care he is met by that crazy energy healer herself, Athena, formerly known as Shelley. Noah eventually leaves and Athena informs her daughter that she knows she’s screwing Noah. Apparently it’s all in the energy! Incidentally. Athena approves and she weasels her way into dinner at the Lockharts. Dinner goes disastrously awry when Athena and Cole get into a heated argument about Athena’s absence after Gabriel died and how it was in fact his mother Cherry who took care of Alison when she couldn’t take care of herself.

In Part 2, we find Noah sneaking out of his room in the morning to go bang Alison. Helen stirs and tells him to get bagels while he’s out, which throws a major wrench in his sex plans. He finally get’s to Alison at Phoebe’s house, but as they’re getting hot and heavy, Helen texts him to get back to the Butler house because there’s an emergency with their devil daughter Whitney. He reluctantly leaves Alison and on his drive home he gets a flat tire. While waiting for AAA to come save the day, that douchebag Oscar drives by. They exchange some awkward chit chat and Oscar asks what he’s doing out in that part of town. Noah tells him that he’s doing research for his new book, and as soon as the tire is changed he drives away.

When Noah gets home, he’s informed by Helen that Whitney is involved in some online bullying and that the girl, Jodie, that was being bullied try to kill herself. Noah is outraged and wants Whitney to go apologize to Jodie right away, but Bruce want to wait and get a lawyer in case the girl was just trying to extort money. WHAT a disgusting pig. Helen and Noah disagree about how to deal with Whitney. Helen doesn’t seem to think it’s as big a deal as it actually is. Noah rightfully think that Whitney is acting like a freaking sociopath. As they’re arguing, the maid informs Noah that he has a visitor…Oscar. The douchebag says he came over to drop off Noah’s AAA card and tells Helen that he ran into Noah in Ditch Plains. Noah is eager to get Oscar the hell out of the house. Perhaps a little too eager because the two men begin shoving each other and as Oscar leaves he tells Noah “You’re a douche, just like the rest of them.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Pot, meet my friend kettle.

Later Noah takes Whitney to apologize to Jodie, and when he returns he gets into it again with Helen about how to deal with her. Helen suggests that he take a semester off from teaching. When he asks what they would do about money, she scoffs as if to say, “My parents, duh!” Noah, pissed off and in need of a good screw, heads over to Phoebe’s to bang Alison and the two discuss running away together. Awww.

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