It's getting harder and harder to call Chris Brown and Rihanna "on again/off again" as they've been adhering to the former portion of that description for a good month.

Let's review the visual facts from the past month, shall we?

1. They've Smoked Together

That camouflage ain't hiding you, RiRi.

2. They've Chilled Courtside Together

3. They Spent New Years Together (One Can Assume)

Chris posted this picture to Instagram on New Years Day. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine who he was kissing at midnight. (But we asked our resident rocket scientist anyway and he confirmed our presumption.)

4. They Sip Slurpees Together

So, wait, what is the agreed upon portmanteau for Chris and Riri? Chriri? Chrihanna? Brenty? Let us know in the comments section below!