We're sure some of you have spent ghastly amounts of time in Atlanta's Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport, which is arguably one of the world's busiest. We're sure many of you will also go on to spend ghastly amounts of time there. In the near future, though, at least you'll be able to spend your ghastly-timed layovers at Chicken N Beer, a restaurant that Ludacris won a contract to open at the airport. The restaurant will serve comfort food made with local ingredients and craft beer, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Also, this Ludacris story confounds any angle you could possibly put on it! Observe:

- No, Ludacris isn't getting into the restaurant business--he was already in it, with restaurant Straits Atlanta. He's closing that one to focus on the airport venture. And his Conjure Cognac, SOUL By Ludacris headphones and dosomething.org ventures.

- No, Ludacris isn't in danger of emulating Justin Timberlake and not making music--upcoming album Ludaversal has rapper 2 Chainz on it.

- No, the last part of this quote isn't literal, thanks to every TSA regulation in existence. But wouldn't it be great if it were?

Straits was a great segue into the industry and with Chicken N Beer I can create my own concept. I look forward to expanding my creativity and driving to a much higher plane.