The Average Song Length on Justin Timberlake's New Album Is 6:46

The epic song lengths on Justin Timberlake's 20/20 Experience became the stuff of legend earlier this year, with almost every track on the album clocking in over six minutes—the kind of thing you'd expect from a Led Zeppelin or a Sufjan Stevens, not from the 21st century's king of radio hits.

So when Timberlake announced he would be following up the original 20/20 Experience with a sequel, one question loomed: Had the first one gotten all these swollen songs out of his system? Or were seven-minute-long love songs with multiple codas tacked on just the new normal for JT?

Finally, with the arrival of the rumored 20/20 Experience (2 of 2) tracklist, we know: The new Justin Timberlake really likes long songs. Here's the whole thing—note the nine-minute-long "True Blood" ("I'm just a juh-juh-juh-juh-junkie for your blood," perhaps?) and the epic 11-minute long finale "Not a Bad Thing." Will there be pan flutes? We can only hope so. The whole thing clocks in at 74 minutes, with an average song length of 6:46. (Though math nerds can take heart that the median length is only 5:55.)

1. Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want) [5:15]

2. True Blood [9:31]

3. Cabaret feat. Drake [4:32]

4. TKO [7:04]

5. Take Back The Night [5:55]

6. Murder feat. Jay Z [5:07]

7. Drink You Away [5:31]

8. You Got It On [5:55]

9. Amnesia [7:04]

10. Only When I Walk Away [7:05]

11. Not A Bad Thing [11:28]


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