It seems as if the never-confirmed love affair between pop's baldest boy-band hottie and his redheaded superfan has come to  an end: Lindsay Lohan has officially unfollowed the Wanted's Max George on Twitter, after he told British media that she was not his girlfriend, just a "groupie."

So yes, it's 11th grade all over again, made even worse by the fact that, instead of being confined to the hallways after chem class, the drama is playing out in front of everybody on social media. But that's no different from every other milestone in this couple's relationship. Let's re-live the weeks-long magic:


Like many relationships, this one starts in a storm of passion: Lohan and the Wanted are partying together after a Justin Bieber show, when an unwanted female interpolator attempts to put the moves on George. Lohan deals with this unpleasant fact by punching the woman in the face. Love, or something like it, follows shortly thereafter—with TMZ following the pair's every move.


The other guys in the Wanted signal their approval of Lohan in their own unique way:


Depending on who you ask, Lindsay either follows or is invited to accompany the Wanted on their tour dates along the east coast. Cute, right? But there are warning signs: Max throws out the first "we're not dating" of the maybe-relationship.


Lohan attends her third Wanted performance of the week at the Z100 Jingle Ball. Having promised the lads she'd show them around New York City, Lindsay takes them to an after-party at the swanky Dream Hotel. Later that night, photographers snap the couple looking a little more than platonic:


Max and the Wanted fly back to Britain. Is the weeklong fling over? Not if Lohan has anything to say about it. If Max wants his sweater back, he'll just have to agree to see her in person!


The stunt fails to keep Lohan in George's affections. When asked by an ITN reporter if he was dating the "Mean Girls" actress, Max denied Lindsay:

No, what's the right word for her? ... Ah yeah, a groupie!

To add insult to injury, the rest of the Wanted chimed in: "She's probably hiding in our suitcase right now!"

UPDATE: Our readers point us to the video of the interview, which proves Max only used the G-word after being prompted by Tom:

Lohan responded by unfollowing @MaxTheWanted. As well she should have! Lindsay, you don't need a man like that in your life. Everyone deserves someone who at bare minimum will acknowledge them in public.