If you're one of Jay-Z's 2.65 million Twitter followers, you know how rare it is to see Mr. Carter pop up in your newsfeed. The only uber-famous musician with such an alluringly infrequent Twitter regime is his ball-in-chain Beyonce.

Today, however, Hova's witnesses experienced a tweet explosion starting at 12:12 PM EST, wherein Jay-Z began responding—often with a playful touch of arrogance signified by #mylaugh or #factsonly—to random queries from his followers. The first:

Could this be a last-ditch to increase sales of the just-released Magna Carta Holy Grail? Kanye West, whose Yeezus dropped last month, is famously averse to promotions, so perhaps Jay-Z is capitalizing upon this social hole. That, or he and Bey are chilling poolside right now laughing about how easy it is for them to break the Internet. Here are our favorite interactions (so far). From narcissistic to sweet to insightful to downright funny, Jay-Z's Twitter is everyone's favorite hot spot today. 1. Fasten your seatbelts, Twitter.

2. Meta.

 3. Shout-out to 'Ye.


4. First use of #factsonly.


5. Meta II.

  6. Good to know.

 7. Meta III.


8. Our favorite, so far.


9. BURN.

  10. He's such a card!

 11. Our laugh.


12. #mylaugh and #factsonly double feature.


13. He follows directions.

  14. Preach.

 15. Setting the record straight about GOATs.


16. He cares.


17. Awkward!

18. Thanx!


So...why is he doing this?