Ahh, for the halcyon days of mid-'90s hip-hop pool party videos. Back in those days, you couldn't turn on MTV for 15 minutes without seeing 2Pac or The Notorious B.I.G. surrounded by a bevy of beauties and a shimmering, ever-so-blue pool for the swimming and flirtatious-pushing-in. Much kudos, then, to French Montana and his much-more-famous buddies for bringing it all back with the "Pop That" video, a clip featuring a glorious private estate, no shortage of bikini-clad women, and yes, a swimming pool full of scandalous activity.

That's all the video needs to be awesome, really, but that's only the beginning of the treasures that "Pop That" holds in store. We also get treated to:

  • French Montana wearing a towel on his head like a sultan. (Which might just be his thing now—if so, we're down.)
  • Drake wearing glasses that make him look like a '70s L.A. movie producer. (Scummy Drake—we just can't get enough.)
  • The bikini girls shooting Super Soakers. (Supposed to be sexually provocative, but more just makes us elementary school summers.)
  • Lil Wayne on a skateboard while rapping about being on a skateboard. ("I'm on my skateboard / Watch me do a trick." Sure.)
  • Inexplicable shifts between daytime and nighttime settings throughout the video. (When you're at a party this good, does it even matter?)

Watch it if you're feeling cramped in your office or classroom today. You'll feel like you're sipping on a Ciroc mimosa in no time.