150 Journalists. Picked to live on a plane. Work separately, and have their lives ruined. Find out what happens. When people stop seeing Rihanna. And start going crazy. The Real World: #RihannaPlane.

After seeing descriptions like "nightmare," "mutiny," and "hell," we're starting to feel a little bad about sending Julieanne Smolinski (aka Twitter's @BoobsRadley) on Rihanna's 777 tour. It is, however, making the internet really, really funny. Below, you'll find the most hilarious tweets from hell we could find.

Be sure to follow Julieanne's first hand account of the 777 tour!

Right now ... what happens when Rihanna doesn't show? Mutiny and nudity.

And before that ...fear and loathing starts to set in!

Plus … our photo guy Alex took a bunch more photos!

And …  we found these photos of Rihanna enjoying her own butt!

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We bet this chick is eating her words: