By now you've been bombarded with countless takes on Christmas cheer, but the holidays wouldn't be complete without a festive anthem and accompanying video from a cute boy band. Mindless Behavior's "Christmas With My Girl" seeks to make time-honored winter traditions new again by infusing their video with four times the swag Justin Bieber can muster in a single clip. The proven partiers split their hosting duties between indoors and out, entertaining age-appropriate ladies with games of foosball and tree decorating before crossing sledding, snowball fights and snowman building of their winter to-do list. Girls, take note: they're throwing snowballs at you because they like you. React appropriately. Everyone is having so much fun, we almost want to brave the 30-ish degree weather and join them—almost. Though Bieber might take issue with the multiple references to "mistletoe" and their take on his steampunk experiment, Mariah Carey should feel better knowing the boys share her belief that sunglasses should be worn during any and all holiday celebrations. Behold, the power of numbers.