Australia gets all the good stuff. During tonight's One Direction show in Sydney, the band took a break from their set list to answer questions, concerns and overall requests from their fans via Twitter. "Your best impersonations of each other? :)" wrote the lucky ForeverYoungg, who likely received a multitude of new followers after his/her handle name graced Zayn's lips. Since they're spending so much time together these days, it's only natural to pick up on one another's speaking patterns and bad habits—among other things. Overall their impressions aren't terrible: Liam relies on Irish man out Niall's comforts of home to carry his take, dropping in tidbits about him having a taste for pints and football, while Zayn revisits the "I'm Harry and I work in a bakery" story that first endeared him to us during X Factor auditions. Full belly laughs are reserved for those who can correctly differentiate between Cheshire and Wovlerhampton accents without consulting hours of 1D interview footage.

While each of their "impersonations" may not sound that different from any of their normal speaking voices to those outside of the U.K., it's clear the boys truly enjoy trying on each other's speech. And the laughs they get at someone other than Zayn—apparently the easiest target—speaking with a Yorkshire accent suggest they've spent more than a few late nights pranking hotel management with fake room service requests. Sigh. If they're going to be halfway around the world, they might as well do something us fans in the Northern Hemisphere can also enjoy. Watch below.