Despite being hours away from falling short in last week's Pop-Off—for the second time. C'mon Fanmily!—The Wanted were still in a celebratory mood over the weekend, experiencing the best of what New Jersey nightlife has to offer. Following stops by The Tonight Show and MTV's Spring Break, the boys hit up a smaller, more intimate venue, more Jersey of a venue, to blow off some steam after a long week of promotional appearances. Living up to their party enthusiast reputations, those of age allowed themselves to take a few generous swigs from an assortment of long necks while performing "Gold Forever" with the Sayreville crowd. Sorry about our tough drinking laws, Nathan. But we'd rather you remain clear-headed, if only for those amazing dance moves. They may call the U.K. home, but surely Tom and Max's more than adequate fist-pumping grants the group honorary Garden State residency.

Conveniently, TW share a mutual friend with DJ Pauly D, should they be infatuated with the swamps of Jersey and want to visit the shore house and/or Seaside Heights' greatest achievement: Karma. Watch below.